Thursday, November 20, 2008

Convoy WS-12X

This a picture of Convoy WS-12X in November 1941 in the South Atlantic en route to Cape Town, South Africa. The convoy was carrying soliders from the Winnipeg Rifles (a Canadian infantry unit) on the unit's first leg of its very long journey to reinforce the Hong Kong garrison. The Canadians would eventually be captured when Hong Kong surrendered to Japan in 1942 (and later liberated by sailors from USS Wisconsin (BB-64) in 1945).
All of the warships and troopships in the convoy are U.S. Navy vessels out of Norfolk.The scout bomber is off the aircraft carrier USS Ranger (CV-4), one of the heavy cruisers is USS Vincennes (CA-44), and one of the troop transports is USS West Point (AP-23).

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