Thursday, January 15, 2009

McClure Field

This is the original 1918 plan for the "Athletic Field" for the brand new Naval Operating Base Hampton Roads (what is now called Naval Station Norfolk.) It was originally designed to be a baseball field, a field for six on six football, and for track and field events. Renamed "McClure Field" in 1944, after Captain Henry McClure (local base commander, 1923 Navy Cross recipient, and huge baseball fan), the facility is still standing. We believe it is the second oldest brick baseball stadium in America (Wrigley Field we believe is the only one older).

The museum is currently working on a permanent exhibit at McClure Field along with an interactive web module. You can see some pictures of the Field at our website.

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Bone Cone said...

Fenway park is older than Wrigley. Fenway opened in 1912, Wrigley in 1916. Just putting that out there.