Thursday, October 15, 2009

N.O.B. Is Dead...Long Live N.O.B.

Ask any sailor stationed in Hampton Roads or who has been stationed in Hampton Roads where the carriers are berthed and  they will tell you "N.O.B."  The problem is that there is no Naval facility called "N.O.B."  The confusion lies in a name change in 1945.  When the Navy took over the property from the bankrupt Jamestown Exposition in 1917, they established Naval Operating Base Hampton Roads or N.O.B. Hampton Roads.  But in 1945, the 5th Naval District, the Navy's regional shore command, issued this memo.  Take note of line #2 (click to enlarge)...

Fifth Naval District changed the name to Naval Station Norfolk, which remains the name to this day.  Of course,old habits die hard.  Sailors will for sometime call the facility "N.O.B."

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