Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Navy's Tips for Sailors on Liberty in Norfolk-1952

This is the ship newsletter from USS Damato (DD 871),  a Gearing-class destroyer named for Corporal Anthony P. Damato USMC who was killed in action during the battle of Eniwetok (1944) and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

Like many ships she had a mimeographed newsletter, in this case Damato News.  In the September 30, 1952 issue the front page article is a debrief on the next port of call, Norfolk, Virginia.  Among other things:
"Never ride in a taxi alone; find at least five other sailors going in the same direction. Do not molest women wearing wedding veils or wedding rings... All establishments serving the local drink known as beer are considered worth while stops."

See more tips by clicking on the image.

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