Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alfred Waud's Hampton Roads Civil War Sketches, Part 2

The Library of Congress is the caretaker of a large portion of Alfred Waud's drawings and has digitized several hundred sketches.

Waud visited Hampton Roads in late 1861 to cover the Hatteras Expedition. Here is part 2 of some of his sketches:

Sloop-of-War USS Cumberland in Hampton Roads

Steam frigate USS Wabash in Hampton Roads

Steam gunboat USS Louisana and paddle steam gunboat CSS Yorktown. 
The two ships exchanged shots in Hampton Roads, 1861.

Fort Hatteras after its capture in August 1861

USS Monticello exchanging shots with Confederate infantry, Cape Hatteras, 1861

Destruction of Norfolk Navy Yard, 1862

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