Thursday, December 29, 2011

HRNM 2012 Public Programs Music Video

Have you ever seen that "lonely" viral video of the movie pirate in the setting of a rap video? Well, here is the Hampton Roads Naval Museum's take on that video, with our very own Blue Jacket Puppet stars Simon and Patty talking about some events happening at the museum next year. 

Below are the lyrics to the song, with links to the events mentioned.  For more info on all 2012 Calendar of Events at HRNM, go to or check out their Facebook page at Stay tuned and enjoy the video!  You can continue to listen/download the song HERE.

Here we go. 2012 public programs
Museum events are coming back.

2012 'bout to start, come and visit us
After hours learning history, come and soak it up (soak it up)
Graphic novels in September, come and draw with us
Making cards support sailors will be so much fun.

Brick by brick we're taking LEGOs, making models, building decks,
Bring your mothers and fathers, making crafts, support vets
Boot Camp's in the summer, our Halloween the best
Visit us online you will be impressed!

Let's talk about the Civil War Navy
We've got events at the museum next year (what?)
J. Michael Cobb will present us a lecture (oh, interesting)
on Fort Wool's involvement in the Civil War!

Yeah, that was kinda weird, but we're back to 2012
Watch out naval history is coming off the shelves
McClure Field event, family fun this summer
Tourin' expo houses, see the field like a base runner.

Teachers come to us to book a school program

Is it free?

..they ask and I gotta say "Yes, Ma'am"
Always come to us, our outreach #1
Come to the museum, bring all, and have fun!

If you like to paint (I do), we've got a contest
Paint us some ships from Hampton Roads' shore
We will display them in our museum
During our program on the 8th of March!

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