Wednesday, October 10, 2012

USS Norfolk (DL-1) and UNITAS VI, 1965

USS Norfolk (DL-1) during UNITAS VI, 1965
The museum recently received several dozen photographs of USS Norfolk (DL-1) during UNITAS VI in 1965.   UNITAS (Latin for "unity") is an annual exercise the U.S. Navy has with its South American allies. Norfolk participated in several UNITAS exercises and frequently served as the flagship. The operation has been ongoing since the 1950s. UNITAS LIII was just completed last week.   

Norfolk with the Brazilian destroyer Betoiga (ex-USS Pennewill (DE-175)), with
 an S-2E Tracker anti-submarine warfare aircraft from squadron VP-23 above them.
A deck level photo of Norfolk and Betoiga

Colombian destroyer Antioquia (ex-USS Hale (DD-642))

Forecastle of USS Norfolk (DL-1) during UNITAS VI. 
The bell can now be seen at Wisconsin Square in downtown Norfolk.

Peruvian destroyer Guise (ex-USS Isherwood (DD-520)) with USS Van Voorhis (DE-1028).

USS Atule (SS-403) during UNITAS VI.  Frequently, UNITASs served as anti-submarine warfare training operations.

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ddddd said...

The ship incorrectly identified as the Brazilian Betoiga is neither Betoiga nor Brazilian. The real Brazilian ship was the Bertioga with a pennant number of D21, without the dash between the letter D and the number 21. The ship in the photo is the Venezuelan destroyer ARV (Armada Republica Venezuela) Zulia D-21, with a dash. The Bertioga was a former US Cannon-class destroyer escort. The ship in the photo is not a Cannon class but a ship built in the UK. Finally, the VP-23aircraft is not a S-2 but a P-2 Neptune. Wonderful photos. I hope there would be more from the Unitas 1967 thru 1972. Thank you. LCDR Orlando Gallardo, Jr., USN.