Friday, January 11, 2013

LEGO Ship Model Preview #1-"Higgins"-type LCVP

Pictured above is the LEGO model of a Landing Craft Vehicle/Personnel, or LCVP. It was commonly called the "Higgins Boat" after its designer, master small boat builder Jack Higgins.

The "Higgins Boat" was a valuable war tool that solved the problem of how to land troops and vehicles close to land while under enemy fire. Higgins originally designed a small landing craft that the Navy called "Landing Craft Personnel, Large," or LCPL. The Navy discontinued it in favor of Higgins' LCVP design that incorporate features like an armored ramp, which dropped down when needed.

Read more about this craft and the myriad of other craft built for the Navy's "Gator Fleet" in this 1944 issue of Popular Mechanics  You can also read how to use one of these crafts with the Navy's official user guide.

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