Friday, March 8, 2013

Women's History Month- USS Vulcan Deploys, 1979, Part 2

When USS Vulcan (AR-5) made her historic 1979 deployment from Naval Station Norfolk, former WAVES officer and contemporary artist Alice DeCaprio documented the voyage by painting the women sailors on board.  With the assistance of the Naval History and Hertiage Command's Navy Art Collection, we present three of Ms. DeCaprio's works here plus one other by prolific Navy artist George Gray.

On Lookout Watch by Alice DeCaprio, Acrylic Painting, 1979
Mary Kelly, USS Vulcan (AR-5) by Alice DeCapiro, Casein Painting, 1979

Quartermaster, USS Vulcan (AR-5) by Alice DeCaprio, Casein Painting, 1979

Mary Kelly, Operations Specialist 2 by George Gray, Pen and Ink Drawing, 1979

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