Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from USS Agamemnon

Included in the museum's collection is this Thanksgiving Day dinner menu from USS Agamemnon (ID#3004).  What's on the menu?  Stewards and cooks served roast young turkey, oyster cocktail, oyster dressing, pickles, candied sweet potatoes, sugar corn, queen olives, fruit, cake, ice cream, cigars, and mixed nuts (which seems to be a staple item of every Navy Thanksgiving meal during the past 100 years).

For the company of Agamemnon, there was much to be thankful for. She made several trans-Atlantic crossings to France during the war while evading German U-boats. During one of the crossings, she collided with USS DeKalb (ID#3010) and stayed afloat.   She even survived an influenza outbreak.  Most importantly, the war was over at the time of the dinner.  The ship's company enjoyed the Thanksgiving meal in France while waiting to bring thousands of American soldiers back to the states.

Agamemnon at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, 1919

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