Monday, February 23, 2015

Commemorating an Enduring Peace

Our "Make Tea not War: A Tea Commemorating the Treaty of Ghent" was a grand event hosted by eight members of the Regency Society of Virginia from all over the state, drawing in 55 visitors from across the Hampton Roads area, and supported by over a dozen HRNM staff members and volunteers from the Hampton Roads Naval Historical Foundation.  In particular, 14 NATO Youth Ambassadors hailing from Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, and the Netherlands helped keep the tea, and the schedule, flowing smoothly.  The success of the event would have not been possible without the generous financial support of the Hampton Roads Historical Foundation and the Daughters of the War of 1812.   
Kate Melhuish welcomes Jeanine and John Paul Lindberg at the Nauticus main entrance as "Make Tea not War" gets underway.

Hampton Roads Naval Museum Director Becky Poulliot confers with Hampton Roads Naval Historical Foundation volunteers Connie Kellam, Anne Brockenbrough, and Joanne Berkley at the event registration desk.

Using her Irish Harp, Kathleen Kennedy provides musical accompaniment.

Stacy Weissner instructs Leia Palmer, 3, on the finer points of using teaspoons while Jeraldine McDowell, 97, listens as Heather Hufton describes life in 1815.
Ann Maliniak of the Virginia Regency Society hosts a discussion with "Make Tea not War" attendees Sunday.

Historical Interpreter Matthew Krogh explains the tasks and challenges of US Navy life two centuries ago to visitors at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum.   

Jacqueline Smith, as "Eliza Smith," answers a question from attendee Diane Newton (right) as Katherine Spivey, as "Dolly Madison" (center), looks on. 

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