Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Brick-By-Brick 2016: The Winners

The entrants' creations for this year's contest were no less varied than those of real vessels taking to the sea from Hampton Roads.  For example, the cruise ship passengers (left) lining the rails of  Jett Starcher's entry could have appeared at the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center in downtown Norfolk (coincidentally where the event was held), while the two Sailors (right) aboard their MK V Special Operations Craft by Joseph Joiner are an everyday sight at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story. (Photo by M.C. Farrington)

On Saturday, 2,081 visitors attended Hampton Roads Naval Museum's Fifth Annual "Brick by Brick: LEGO Shipbuilding" event at the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center in Downtown Norfolk.  Over 100 of them entered their ships into the event's shipbuilding contest, which was divided by age classes and by where the models were created.  If the models were made outside the museum using parts provided by the builder, they were judged in the "Home Built" section, while models made between 10 am and 2 pm (the judging deadline) at the event with parts provided by the museum were judged in the "Museum-Made" section.

Category: Home Built

Fan Favorite:

"Brick of the Sea" by Jett Starcher.
After the judging on Saturday, February 6, Jett Starcher begins preparing his entry, dubbed Brick of the Sea, for transport.  According to Starcher, about 200 hours of work went into the model cruise ship, which was constructed not only with a fully detailed bridge and pool deck, but also with ten interior compartments, including a galley and dining room, gym, movie theater, several staterooms, and an engine room. (Photo by M.C. Farrington).  
Ages 4-6:
Rex and Geoffrey K's model of RMS Titanic looms over the works of other entrants in the four to six year-olds division of the shipbuilding contest (Photo by M.C. Farrington)

                1st place: "Titanic," by Rex & Geoffrey K.

                2nd place: "SS Aurora," by Edward B.

As HRNM Volunteer Coordinator Tom Dandes (left) assists William Bassett in preparing the Lego ship Aurora for transport home, his son Edward reacts to his win. (Photo by M.C. Farrington).  

Ages 7-9:

"Noah's Ark" by William S. (Photo by M.C. Farrington).  
                1st place: "Noah's Ark," by William S.

                2nd place: "USS Enterprise," by Keith S.

Ages 10-12:

"Blue Mist" by Luke L. (Photo by M.C. Farrington).  

                1st place: "Blue Mist," by Luke L.

                2nd place: "Tonto," by Bow C.

Ages 13-16:

A highly-detailed scale Vietnam-era riverine Command and Communications Boat (CCB) took first place for the 13-16 year-old division. (Photo by M.C. Farrington).  

                1st place: "CCB Monitor," by Jack K.

                2nd place: "Skidbadnir," by Nathan C.

Ages 17+:

Another highly-detailed historical model rendered with Legos was this winning Civil War-era diorama by Mark Anderson. (Photo by Diana Gordon)

                1st place: "Merrimac at Gosport Navy Yard," by Mark Anderson.

                2nd place: "HM Brig Sophie," by Jack Beute

Category: Museum-Made

Fan Favorite:

"Fisherman's Speed Boat"
Ages 4-6:
                1st place: "Puller Ship," by Conner B.
                2nd place: "USA Battleship," by Zac O.

Ages 7-9:
                1st place: "USS Strouss," by Tristan S.
                2nd place: "USS Emerson," by Emerson D.

Ages 10-12:
                1st place: "JC Coast Guard," by Caroline P.
                2nd place: "USS Virginia 2060"

 Ages 13-16:
                1st place: "Voyage," by Hode.
                2nd place: "USS Massachusetts," by Scott E.

Ages 17+:

                1st place: "USS Dove," by Grace A.
                2nd place: "Underwater Drone," by Cardell A.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! 

If there are any questions about them or for any other questions relating to the contest, please call Special Events Coordinator Don Darcy at (757) 322-3168.

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