Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Fight at Sea: Anaconda Game BETA Test

The Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial is looking for a few good men and women! One of the primary missions of the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial is to not only inform and educate, but to captivate as well. Accordingly, members of the Civil War Navy are in the process of creating and coordinating new and exciting things for fans of all things Civil War Navy. The most recent of these endeavors is The Fight at Sea: Anaconda card game.

Created and designed by Gordon Calhoun, HRNM Historian and Daybook editor, The Fight at Sea is a new card game currently in BETA testing. Players choose opposing sides (Union Navy and Confederate Navy), and act is naval secretaries, sending ships to opposing ports and cities to do battle! Over 250 cards from Union and Confederate navies comprise The Fight at Sea, and are awaiting your command. Take control of histories most famous ships, from the Union's Monitor and New Ironsides to the equally famous ironclad Virginia and commerce raider Alabama.

Examples of cards featured in The Fight at Sea:

USN CardsCSN Cards

Fans of collectible card games and role-playing (RPGs) will enjoy simulated play in complete historical context. All cards are accurate as designed by Mr. Calhoun. Build your fleets, raid commerce, and turn the tide of war! Compete against friends in twenty rounds of game play to choose the ultimate victor of the Civil War!

Future sets during the sesquicentennial years (2011-2015) will include the river war and important leaders of opposing fleets. This is a major undertaking which needs YOUR help. If you are interested in BETA testing this newly designed games and offer professional quality critique and analysis, please email Gordon Calhoun at

Your comments will help launch this endeavor for both the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial and the Hampton Roads Naval Museum.

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